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Welcome to our frequently asked questions page.

We look at every client and order as an individual and will always make sure we understand your requirements before proceeding with your order. However, we are often asked similar questions and have therefore put these questions and there answers below.

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Q - Why use a nominee Director or Shareholder?

Forming a company has a number of business advantages. However if you form a company in the usual way you may be faced with a dilemma; when you become a shareholder or director your name, address, occupation and date of appointment appears on the company register.

This is fine for many people, but there are perfectly legitimate reasons for not wanting your details to become cheaply available to commercial rivals, direct marketing houses or credit search agencies.

For example you may wish to set up a company before you start trading without alerting other companies in the sector, or your employers.

Our nominee services offer carefully structured arrangements that keep your personal information off the public record while ensuring full legality.

This service includes providing a Nominee Director, Nominee Shareholders and several business packages.

Q - Who can order nominee services?

Our nominee services are available to those who are forming or who have already formed a company.

Q - Is it possible to use a nominee service for a non-UK company?

Yes. We offer our nominee services for companies based outside the UK.

Q - How are my shares held by the nominee?

A nominee shareholding works on the equitable trust principle. Effectively you will be both the settler and the beneficiary and so effectively control the shareholding and be entitled to the benefits from the shareholding.

The nominee with be the trustee, who while legally owning the shares (and so appearing on the registers, rather than you) will be legally obliged to act in your interests and under your instructions and acting as your proxy.

In this way you can get the benefits of owning the shares without the legal obligations of public registration. A contract will confirm that the shares are held in trust on behalf of you, the Beneficiaries.

Q - How many shares will the nominee shareholder hold?

We will hold 1 share worth 1 GBP. Exceptions can be made for existing companies.

Q - How does it work?

Every company needs at least one director. The directors' names and address must be placed on the public record. A nominee director serves as a proxy for the owner of the company, acting on their behalf.

A separate document is then provided granting Power of Attorney to the beneficiaries.

Q - What will be required from me, the beneficial owner?

If we are acting as either nominee director and / or shareholder, we will need the following in order to comply with money laundering regulations:

1. Names and addresses of the owners and all beneficiaries of the company together with proof of identity.

2. Your full contact information (telephone number and email address).

3. An annual fee.

4. The nature of the business.

5. Your undertaking to keep us informed of any changes

6. A signed deed of indemnity.

The Deed of Indemnity is a document confirming that we will not be involved with the day to day running of your company. We are registered in name and signing capacity only, acting on your (the beneficial owner) instructions, to protect the actual owners from appearing on public record.

Q - Is there any small print I should be made aware of?

You really need to read this first as nominee services can be abused so we need to make certain things are clear first:

Confidentiality - As the Principal we will respect the confidentiality of the Company and its beneficiaries. However we reserve the right to co-operate with the UK authorities when they are authorised to make these enquiries.

Correspondence - Usually we will send documents via Royal Mail. For an extra charge we can send the documents through express or courier services. If you want us to handle trade correspondence for you, this can be done through our mailing address service.

Responsibilities - As the Principal we will countersign any approved documents under the Beneficiaries' (your) instructions but we will not and cannot become involved in the affairs of the Company or take responsibility for contracts or any trade matters.

Withholding Signatures - We retain the right to refuse to sign documents that, in our opinion, may be misleading or unlawful and we are legally obliged to report evidence that may point to unlawful activity by the Company.

Multiple Beneficiaries - A Nominee can only represent a single Beneficiary. When a company has multiple Beneficiaries that require Nominees; each Beneficiary will require a separate Nominee to represent them. Separate contracts will be provided.

Contact Information - As the Principal we rely on you, the Beneficiary, to provide correct and up to date information including personal details, business developments and accounts. If mail or other correspondence is returned undelivered we reserve the right to resign any nominee positions.

Annual Returns and Accounts - Although our business service covers the filing of the Annual Return and Accounts, this will need to be completed by the beneficial owner before signing and before the due date.

Renewal - Each year we will issue a renewal invoice several weeks before the renewal date. If we have not received payment we will resign all nominee positions and the service will cease.

Changes and new appointments - You are free to appoint further officers or shareholders but you will need to notify us immediately. An appointment without due notification will be treated as a breach of contract and we will be obliged to resign.

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